Lena The Plug Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Husband & Children

Lena The Plug Bio: So, who is that lady? Lena the Plug. She is a social media influencer & content creator, webcam model.

Lena The Plug is also popular as a supermodel, YouTuber & mother of a child as well. She is from California, United States. In this article by UniqueNote.in you will get all the details about Lena The Plug(Lena Nersesian) Biography, Wiki, Boyfriend.

Lena The Plug Biography

Who is Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian)?

If you are from the USA and you are very much interested in Lena The Plug or who is Lena Nersesian? Then came the right website in Google. Lena The plug was born in California, United States on June 1, 1991.

She is also known as Lena (Leh-nuh) Nersesian or Lena The Mom. She is currently growing famous for her YouTube videos and other viral videos on other platforms.

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Well, she makes lots of lovely videos on her YouTube channel “Lena The Plug”. She has 1.62 million+ subscribers on her YouTube Channel. She made vlogs, cooking recipes, moms’ life, QnA, challenges & prank videos with her family and friends. She also has her own OnlyFans Account. Which I can’t explain here but you can watch out if you want.

As per Forbes Lena Nersesian made 7 figures income per month as an influencer & video creator on different platforms. With millions of followers on YouTube, 551k+ followers on Instagram & 1.2 million followers on Twitter she hit up to the news in no time. She is popularly known as one of the top modeling & fitness influencers in the USA.

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Lena The Plug Wiki, Husband, Size, Height


Lena Nersesian


Lena The Plug / Lena The Mother


June 1, 1991


31 (As of 2022)


Glendale, California, United States)


• Webcam Model

• OnlyFans Model

• YouTuber

• Fitness Freak

• Vlogger


Psychology Graduated


American (Armenian)






YouTube / Modeling / Traveling


YouTube Channel "Lena The Plug"


Not Known






An Univercity in California (Santa Cruz)

Lena The Plug Biography
Lena The Plug with Adam(Boyfriend)

Lena The Plug Biography, Family, Age, Spouse

Lena (Leh-nuh) Nersesian (Lena The Plug) was born in California in 1991. She is a 30 years old mature lady. Also famous for her mature videos on the internet. Especially she is famous for her fitness, vlogging & QnA videos on YouTube. Also famous in Twitter, OnlyFans & Instagram.

I already told you that why Lena The Plug is so much famous? and who is Lena Nersesian? above. Now you might be thinking about her family. So let me tell you something about her family.

Lena The Plug Parents, Husband, Siblings


Mr. Nersesian


Mrs. Nersesian


One Sister


Adam John Grandmaison (Open Relationship Since 2016)



She has a Cat name Tony

Lena loves her parents a lot. But the sad thing is her parents don’t support her work etc. So, in an interview video, she confirmed that her parents didn’t support her and cut her relationship with her. Our team did lots of hard work and found the database about Lena Nersesian’s father and mother’s names. But we are sorry to say that we are unable to find any data about them.

Lena Nersesian (Lena The Plug) didn’t marry but she has a boyfriend named Adam John Grandmaison. Lena & Adam have one child & Lena gave birth to one baby girl. She was so much blessed after having the baby. In an interview, she said that she want to be a mother for one time.

Lena The Plug Birth Chart

She belongs to a Christian family & she followed the Christian religion till now. In her first YouTube video,  she explained that her parents wanted her daughter to be a doctor, psychologist & good woman. She also said that in her college days she was soo much attractive and many boys tried to date her. After that, she graduated from Santa Cruz. She also mentioned that she was dating her girlfriend in college for 4 years. But next, she thought that she was missing something in her life. And that was obviously a boyfriend.

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Then she started working as a volunteer, with kids and is a student development lab for babies. But after that, she broke up with her female friend with whom he had been in a relationship for four years. Now She Has A Boyfriend named ‘Adam22’. He runs a YouTube channel, Lena & Adam.

Lena The Plug Carrier, Education

After graduating from college she started working in a Grocery store. And the interesting fact is the grocery shop was hiring attractive women & Lena Nersesian was perfectly fit in it.

Lena The lug was working as a cashier at that Grocery Shop. Then she moved back to Los Angels & studied for Graduate Record Examinations(GRE) which was basically like LAT for graduate school.

Next, she got a job offer which was $80k per month. But she learned more about social media startups and marketing. She accepted that she learned a lot about Instagram & Snapchat.

After that, she got a job in social media marketing. She was working 8 hours a day & suddenly she found herself unhappy.

Then she started working in her sown social media & she saw lots of opportunities & she did some unconventional things. But now she is active in her YouTube channel with vlogs & other videos.

Also, she owns a branded Ethel car and a house. Where she lived with her husband & her cute daughter. Sometimes her sister came and live with her. If you follow her you can see her luxurious house, her bed, bathroom, branded clothes.4

Lena The Plug Kids

Lena The Plug Height, Weight & Physical Stats & More

As you know she looks like an actress and her body poster is very good like a nice adult woman. So, here are the details about her body statistics, Hair color & More.


• 5 ft 1 inch

• 155 cm


60 Kg


Dark Brown


36 - 28 - 44


• Bold Eyes

• Attractive Body

• Smart Attitude


Not Known


On Her Finger "You Are No.1"


6 US


Dark Brown

Facts About Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian)

  1. Lena The Plug is active on social media & she runs her own YouTube Channel(1.9 million followers), Twitter (1..2 million followers) & Instagram (551k+ followers).
  2. Do you know that Lena studied Social media marketing after college & she did the job in this industry?
  3. Lena Nersesian was in a four-year relationship with her female friend in her college life.
  4. Lena The Plug was featured in an interview as a guest in TanaCon 2018 in Anaheim, California.
  5. Lena The Plug worked as a cashier in a Grocery shop because of her attractive looks.
  6. Her parents don’t support her work.
  7. She was into the controversy because she allowed her girlfriend Emily to sleep with her boyfriend Adams22 in 2017.
  8. Lena The Plug promote various products on her social media and YouTube Channel
  9. She and her boyfriend did daily vlogging and QnA video in both of their YouTube Channel
  10. Lena loves to cook for her baby girl
  11. She loves to eat diet food like fruits and all because she is a fitness freak.
  12. She wants another baby boy in the future that means she wants to be a mother again.
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Lena The Plug Hobbies & More

  • Favorite Colour: Pink
  • Best Actor: Ashton Kutcher
  • Best Actress: Jennifer Auston
  • Favorite Food: Sea Food
  • Favorite Place She Like: Miami
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Modeling, Playing with her Baby & Gymming

Lena The Plug Social Media Connections

Frequently Asked Questions About Lena The Plug

What’re The 3 Life Lessons from Lena The Plug?

1. Change Can Be Good, 2. Thoughts Aren’t Real, 3. We Can’t Control Others

Who is Lena The Plug?

Lena The Plug is also known as Lena Nersesian & she is famous because she is a YouTuber, an Instagram Influencer with millions of followers & an online creator in OnlyFans.

Who is The Husband of Lena The Plug?

Adam John Grandmaison( born in 1983) is the Boyfriend of Lena The Plug. They are not married yet. But they are in an open relationship since 2016