KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Review, Hidden Facts & Story

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Best cinematic scenes or best music production is not only the key to the success of KGF 2. There are many facts that made this movie popular and connect with people.

Introduction to KGF Movie (Kolar Gold Fields)

kgf 2 review

KGF Chapter 1 was released on 21 December 2018. KGF movie is based on gold mining, mysterious stories, a crime thriller film, and a mother’s desire emotion.

When chapter 1 was about to release no one noticed that film so much. Because it was a Kannada industry film and the Kannada film industry wasn’t so popular for true.

KGF movie was a Kannada industry film and Yash was the star cast of it. It was Yash’s first crime thriller movie where he had to put different looks and attitudes than any film he had ever done.

Director and story writer Prashant Neel tried to reach more audiences for the film KGF 1. So, Prashant and his team wanted to promote the films by some popular YouTubers. But there are lots of popular YouTubers at that time and most of them rejected it.

According to an interview with famous Indian YouTuber Asish Chanchalani, he told CarryMinati(Ajay Nagar) and Slayy Point to accept the offer to promote the film. As per Asish Chanchalani, he didn’t understand anything about the film after watching the trailer.

But still, he decided to do the work for Yash and KGF Chapter 1. Now the rest is history you all know. Others who rejected it must be thinking they missed the biggest chance.

KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Review

After Rocky successfully killed Garuda now he is ready to take the control of whole KGF. Andrew and other villains who wanted to take control of KGF. They are now thinking that Virat(brother of Garuda) will take the control of KGF.

But there was the entry of Rocky(The Rocking Star Yash) and everyone was shocked. They send Rocky to kill garuda but here he already took the control of KGF? But the main villain Adheera(Sanjay Dutta) who is the uncle of Garuda aimed again to get back KGF.

After that in 1981, Ramika Sen became the prime minister of India. And everyone thinks that KGF will end. CBI officer was pretty sure that the woman Ramika Sen will be the key to bringing down KGF. But Rocky has some other plan and he cleared KGF and took all the gold with him.

But still, the Indian Navy Team, American Navy Team, and US Navy team caught him on the sea. Ramika Sen orders to fire over KGF and Rocky’s ship. Still, there is a mystery why Rocky encourages to fire of the Indian Navy over him. Where the deep of the sea was more than 20,000 feet long.

KGF Chapter 2 Cast, Producer, Story Writer


CAST ROLE (KGF Chapter 2)


Raja Krishnappa Bairya


Sanjay Dutta

Adheera (Brother of Suryavardhan)

Raveena Tandon

Ramika Sen (Prime Minister of India)

Srinidhi Shetty

Reena Desai (Rocky's wife)

Guru Pandian

DYSS Party head Politician

Prakash Raj

Vijayendra Ingalagi, Son of Anand Ingalagi[

Rao Ramesh

Kanneganti Raghavan (C.B.I Officer)

Malavika Avinash

Deepa Hegde (Chief Editor of 24/news channel)

T. S. Nagabharana

Srinivas, News channel owner

Easwari Rao as Fathima

Farmaan's mother

Archana Jois

Shanthamma, Rocky's mother

B. S. Avinash

Andrews, Shetty's boss

Saran Shakthi as Farmaan

Worker at Narachi

Ayyappa P. Sharma 

Vanaram, commander of K.G.F

Ashok Sharma 

Young Anand Ingalagi

John Kokken

John, overseer of K.G.F

Govinde Gowda

Peon at 24/News

Harish Rai as Khasim

Shetty's aide and Rocky's confidant

KGF Chapter 2 Unknown Facts

  • Farman who was the worker at Narachi and he faced Adheera in the first fight. Is he dead? I think not because we didn’t see his face when Rocky brought the dead body.
  • From 1978 to 1981 we didn’t see what rocky did? And what story happened in KGF.
  • Who is Jimmy Carter? He meets in the Prime Minister’s office and told rocky that he is the CEO of Denver Steel Texas.
  • Rocky was about to shift all gold in a single place. But he was fired on the sea.
  • Why Rocky tried to mine all the gold within 3 years?