Harini Sivakumar Biography, Age, Cosmetic Chemist

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Then you came to the right place from Google Search. In this article, you will know about Harini Sivakumar wiki, bio, Age & how she got famous for her brand Earth Rhythm.

Who is Harini Sivakumar?

I’m sure you saw Harini Sivakumar Josh Talks on YouTube. Harini Sivakumar is an e-commerce businesswoman and a professional Cosmetic Chemist. And the most interesting thing is she wasn’t a bright student in her school & college life. But she created a personal brand worth rupees 200 Cr. at the age of 35. Now read the full Biography of Earth Rhythm CEO Harini Sivakumar.

Harini Sivakumar Biography, Early Life & Carrier

Harini was born around 1988 in Delhi. She is a type of student who wasn’t intelligent in school & college. Also didn’t know anything about business whether it’s offline or it’s is online. She was born and grew up in Chennai. She was working in a corporate after her college. She completed her commerce degree from Chennai College. She also completed her degree in MBA in retail management.

Harini Sivakumar Married Life & Corporate Life

She was married quite early at the age of 22. After her marriage, she moved to Hyderabad in 2009. After a year her son, Bhargav was born when Harini was 23 years old. But her son has a disability called down syndrome. It’s basically a disease that can disable physical capability and many more.

Harini Sivakumar Biography

Then as a mother, she stopped her corporate carrier in 2010. She claimed that her corporate carrier was ended just when it was started. Then for the next 5 years until 2015, she was happily lived as a Homemaker. In these 5 years, she moved cities to the city and many other places to find solutions for her son Bhargav. When she was in Delhi her son was 5 years old and it was the time to start school for her son.

Moving from Homemaker to Business Carrier

Harini Sivakumar earth rhythm

In the same year, she had lots of time in her hand and she desire to do something on her own. She has a desire to do something and after that, she start her own brand called SopeX India for skin concerns. It was a small homegrown brand and it was registered in the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

At that time she wasn’t thinking about creating a big MNC company. But she wanted to do something on her own. Naturally, she created a bunch of skincare products. Harini wanted to sell publically and in the community, she lived in & she called it a passion project at that time.

Then in 2016, Harini started studying chemistry but she was from a commerce background. And she had to unlearn the things. After that, she started selling her skincare products on social media platforms called Facebook, Instagram & Google.

At that time she decided to start her own website and brand. Right from website building, graphic designing, customizing, product packaging she did all the things on her own.

One day she was working in her home and her son was crying & her father came and told her to draw a line between her family and business. That hearts her but after that, she told her dad that she can’t quit her passion. But after that, her father supported her and started working with her in 2019.

Then Harini decided to rename her brand from SopeX to Earth Rhythm. But she hasn’t any experience in business and she quit her corporate carrier years ago.

But as a street smart woman, she had the passion, dream, and desire to start her brand. But from the starting days of Erath Rhythm, it was very small, and in another market, there were many big companies.

Harini Sivakumar Wiki, Age, Husband, Height


Harini Sivakumar


Harini (Cosmetic Chemist Spesialist)




34 (as of 2022)


She did Corporate Job before 2010


• Business Women

• CEO & Founder of Earth Rhythm

• E-Commerce Business


• Graduated from the University of Madras in


 Studied in Chennai Business School in 2008 

• Diploma in Advanced Cosmetic Science in 2021






 Cosmetic Chemist


 Personal Branding

 Skin Care Product


Owner & Founder of Earth Rhythm


Not Known


Not Known




2009 (when she was 22 years old)


Bhargav (Boy)



Harini Sivakumar Family

Harini’s father was working in a Bank and her father has banking & finance knowledge. So, her father was helping in her business since 2019. She learned a lot of things from her father and also learned the finance part of the business.

Harini Sivakumar Family

And you guys know that finance is the main part or transaction of the business. She wanted to grow her business Earth Rhythm 100% digitally. After lockdown in 2020, her business boosted up. Earth Rhythm started getting 25000 orders per month.

Harini’s family, father, Husband supported her a lot in her business. She was a homemaker for 7 years with zero experience but she stand up a business worth rupees 200 crores at the age of 34.

Harini Sivakumar Physical Appearance


5 ft 9 inch (approx)


60-65 Kg (approx)




Not Known




• Cycling

• Spending Time With Family

How Moumita Became the Ideal Partner of Earth Rhythm?

So, Harini and her father decided to hire one girl in Earth Rhythm who can read and write. After she hired a girl called Moumita in 2019. Moumita was 22 years old graduate student at that time.

Moumita came from Sundarban, West Bengal and she started working in 2019 with a salary of 5000 in Harini’s company. But as she got 10 x 5000 salary now in 2022. Not only this Moumita gave some key advice & strategy to Harini to grow Earth Rhythm business further.

Interesting Facts About Harini Sivakumar

  • Harini believes that anyone can do big business like her at any age
  • She was married too early at the age of 22
  • As a homemaker and mother of a down syndrome son she had to quit her corporate job in 2010
  • She moved city to city to find a solution for her child
  • She loves to ride with cycle & she is a cycling woman
  • Harini is the CEO of Cosmetic Chemist Earth Rhythm
  • ShopeX India was renamed Earth Rhythm in 2019
  • She loves her son Bhargav very much
  • She called her son’s disability is a special ability

Harini Sivakumar Social Media

  • Instagram: @iamharinisivakumar
  • Linked In: harini-sivakumar
  • Company Website: earthrhythm.com
  • Number of Products on Company: 160+