28 Easy Pokemon Drawing for Beginners in 2024

Welcome & welcome again all Pokemon lovers. From our childhood, we really love to watch Pokemon shows.

Here in this article, we will tell you easy Pokemon to draw easily through a step-by-step process will be available in this article below.

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Easy Pokemon to Draw in This Year 2024

But you want to find the easiest Pokemon to draw that’s why you can learn as a beginner.

So, let’s begin with the process of Pokemon drawing easy with color & how to draw Pokemon step by step for beginners easy.

What is Pokemon & Why It is So Much Popular?

Pokémon is also called “Pocket Monsters”, this is the real Japanese name of Pokemon.

It was released in a gaming magazine in the early 1980s in Japan. Game Freak was started by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori.

Pokemon was mainly popular for the Pokemon TV Series.

The show was released by TXN (TV Tokyo) after that many English networks ran the show on their TV channel. You can see the official trailer of the Pokemon TV serial here.


Pokemon is owned by Game Freak, Nintendo, and the Pokémon company these three franchises deal in agreement. Pokemon first came out in 1996 with Pokemon Blue and red boy.

After that, the Anime series was debuted in 1997. Now more than 800 unique creators and characters added to this franchise, the most iconic & viral is Pikachu & the mascot. Now read the article and steps below to know how to draw Pokemon step by step for beginners.

How To Draw All Pokemon Characters Easily?

If you want to know how to draw cute pokemon step by step easy then you must have to follow these steps here. After I will tell all the 28 easy-to-draw pokemon then I will say the hardest pokemon to draw. Which you can try after you finished all the 28 Pokemon listed here.

First of all, you need some instruments to draw a picture. To draw easily a Pokemon whether it is Pikachu or any other pokemon you need these things. And after completing the sketch of Pokemon you have to draw easily with color.

So, you need color according to Pokemon. For example, you need yellow and black in order to draw Pikachu.

  • White Paper
  • Pitch Board (Where you will Draw Comfortably)
  • Pencil
  • Rubbed
  • Long Scale (30 cm)
  • Marker Pen (Coloured)
  • Different Colours
  • Pencil Compass

If you want to draw Pokemon digitally on your PC or mobile or any kind of software, you just need some tools and ink-related software.

If you wish to draw in your book, you need a pencil, and dark markers to draw the end lines as I already mentioned above that means I already discussed how to draw Pokemon in a step-by-step book.

Also, remember that don’t press hard on the cover, you just need to draw the line smoothly, and when highlighting the line just deep the color doesn’t push it on the page.

Another important tip I want to share is that you can draw small pictures because that will be easy to moderate and control. You can follow the simple steps provided by TutsPlus on how to draw pokemon.

They provided the Pikachu easy drawing tutorial.

List of 28 Easy Pokémons to Draw in 2024

Here is the list of 28 easy Pokemon to draw and the details of why these Pokemon are famous. Also, their source of the generation, and evaluation now read the article carefully.

1. Marill

Marill is a small blue round-shaped Pokemon. He has round-shaped ears and black eyes. The Pokemon is also known as Mairu. His tale looks like an electric symbol.

His specialization is in his sensitive ears which can detect distant and high-level sounds. Marill’s arms and feet are too short that can’t you can’t see. His tail is very flexible and configured to stretch.

Marril pokemon drawing

He is a blue shape, a bubble-like ball, an electric shape design tail. It is a round shape pokemon and the color is very simple that’s why I think it will be very easy to draw for beginners like you.

Also, this Pokemon Marill evolves to Azurill and then Azumarill at level 18. So, if you are looking for an easy shape Pokemon to start drawing then Marill will be the best pokemon to draw.

2. Goomy

Goomy pokemon pictures
source: pokemon.com

Goomy should be a very good option to choose for drawing. Because it looks round-shaped but in the footer section it looks like gum or something.

I thought Goomy Pokemon should be the first prioritized Pokemon to draw because it looks easy and you can draw it easily. The ears, face, and tail end and colors are very simple and smooth.

You can draw this Pokemon while traveling or listening to songs because it’s super easy. The process of drawing is to start from the top and you have to draw the round shape.

The Pokemon is also known as the weakest Dragon type. His body is very sensitive, covered in a slimy membrane. So it must live in the damp.

Its body is filled with purple color and green dots in the cheeks. Goomy has four feelers at the top of his head tiny black eyes and a wide mouth.

At level 40 Goomy evolves into Sliggoo.

Then the final evolution came at level 50 which is Goodra. The interesting thing is it will happen when raining outside the battlefield.

3. Mudkip

mukdip pokemon draw
source: deviantart.com

After drawing some basic Pokemon pictures you can try this one out. Mudkip is a smart little Pokemon. It looks like a small little elephant but does not have the feeler in the head.

Little round face and four visible legs, two-piece yellow star-shaped ears.

On its head, you can see the tail end of a fish. It is cyan blue, with a light blue neck. Mudkip should be a good choice high on the Pokemon list.

Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp at level 16, then at level 36, it evolves into Swampert.

4. Eiscue

Eiscue pokemon draw

Another simple and easy Pokemon to draw is because it has a square-shaped face and penguin-shaped body. It is absolutely easy to draw and the size of this Pokemon is very simple.

Its face looks like a square of ice and the eye a hole only. It is just a penguin with an ice cube over his head.

5. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff is the best choice to draw if you are new. It looks like a round shape ball.

If you watch it in detail you can see its body and head mixed. Roundhead with a little hair, the round eye with sky blue color. Its ear looks like a triangle shape.

Jigglypuff pokemon draw

You have to draw a rough perfect circle to start drawing think Pokemon. Drawing Jigglypuff doesn’t take a long time but anyone can draw this Pokemon.

Jigglypuff evolved from Igglybuff and then became Wigglytuff. This is a cute and funny Pokemon when it sings everyone falls asleep.

6. Dratini

Dratini quite looks like a snaky type of Pokemon. It has different colors like blue, and sky white. The Pokemon looks like a dragon-type snaky Pokemon.

Also, this Pokemon finally evolved into Dragonite Pokemon which exactly looks like a giant dragon. You can draw this Pokemon drawing very simply.

Dratini pokemon picture

It is white, and circular & on its forehead, you can see a gem, and its eyes are light purple. It has two wings on the two sides of his head, which grow big after it evolves.

Its belly looks like a white-blue oval shape. Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level 30 then it evolves into Dragonite at level 55.

7. Diglett

diglett pokemon drawing

I thought Diglett is one of the easiest Pokemon to draw on this list. You can just see the Diglett picture here and see how much easy this one is. It looks like a soil insect.

You just need soil-based brown color and black color to draw Diglett. Just shape it with the pencil and fill in the color.

Start with the body of Diglett which is a basic oblong shape—and then incorporate this beautifully with his facial features. Diglett evolves into Dugtrio at level 26.

8. Shuckle

I hope you all saw octopus once whether it is in a picture or in real. But it’s not hard as that it’s just a little baby octopus.

It has 7 holes in the body where you can see 4 legs come out from 4 holes and the other 2 holes are empty and the head comes from the middle hole. This Pokemon has 2 colors you can draw anyone you like.

Shuckle pokemon drawing
pokemon drawing is easy with color

You need yellow, red, and white colors to draw the Pokemon. It’s a very cool Pokemon to draw. It is a big Pokemon when it came out from the Pokemon ball it looked big.

9. Charmander

charmendar pokemon drawing

How to draw Charmander step by step easy for beginners? Charmander is an easy legendary Pokemon drawing to draw. I hope you already enjoying how to draw Pokemon step by step.

It’s a little smart Pokemon and also one of the favorites of Ash Ketchum (Pokemon TV Show Character). You can start to draw this Pokemon from its head portion.

You need orange white, yellow & little black color. Charmander is a small dinosaur in the Pokémon version. Most of its body color is orange, while its underbelly is a pale light yellow color.

10. Mew

mew pokemon drawing

Mew could be a nice choice for every Pokemon drawing lover. If you have tried all the drawings above now you can try a bit advanced level Pokemon Mew. Not so hard but a little tricky, I hope you will complete it.

Mew is a small cat in the Pokémon era. With blue eyes, pointed ears, a long & thin tail, and a large bulge at the end. It has a long fit with full power.

If you are struggling to start drawing I will suggest starting with the eyes. You will need light pink & blue colors to complete the drawing of Mew.

11. Voltorb and Electrode

This drawing is too simple only you have to draw 2 balls and put some simple colors.

Voltorb and Electrode need red and white colors to draw. Voltorb evolved into the electrode in level 30.

Voltorb and Electrode pokemon drawing

12. Castform

It’s another easy little Pokemon to draw. It looks like a round shape head and Castform is a human creation of artificial intelligence(AI) Pokemon. It was created for weather forecasting and to change whether in the battleground.

Cloudy white is Castform’s main color. It has its form of rain, sun & snow.

Castform pokemon drawing

13. Oshawott

If you want to draw and are interested in how to draw Oshawott step-by-step for beginners. In this blog post of UniqueNote, you will get detailed content on how to draw Oshawott easily. It looks like a snowman-type Pokemon.

You can draw this Pokemon very easily. If you complete the drawing of Oshawott you will feel that was the easiest Pokemon to draw.

Oshawott pokemon drawing

14. Eevee

how to draw Eevee step by step for beginners.

A fox-type Pokemon and a very intelligent Pokemon. Eevee is a small, fox with bushy brown in color. It has a small tail and a cute little nose.

Eevee pokemon draw

15. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet has very powerful electric power. But sometimes this Pokemon is very lazy. If you follow the popular Pokemon show on TV then you can see the details.

Wobbuffet is blue and it has a black tail that has eyes. Very easy to draw and the best easy Pokemon to draw. Wobbuffet is the evolved version of Wynaut. At level 15 this happened.

wobbuffet pokemon drawing

16. Snom

Snom looks like a sea jellyfish. If you see the sketch or the drawing you can see the matching part of this fish. It has some star shape in the body and the face looks like a fish’s head.

This Pokemon is filled with white and Sky blue. It is a small ice caterpillar and he has a small face with two round mandibles. Snom evolves into Frosmoth at his maximum level at night.

snom pokemon pictures

17. Bounsweet

Bounsweet is a small fruit-type Pokemon that was found in a deep forest. Bounsweet is a small & round Pokemon and it will only be a female version.

The Pokemon looks like yellow eyes and a magenta-colored body. In its head, you can see three green leaves and the Pokemon has no arms. You will need purple, green, and white colors to draw Bounsweet Pokemon.

bounsweet pokemon drawing

18. Ditto

Ditto is a completely jelly-type Pokemon and it comes with pink color most of the time. Some it looks like a bit of Purple color.

All the beginners who are looking for Pokemon drawings for kids can easily draw this Pokemon drawing. But this Pokemon never evolved.

ditto pokemon pictures

19. Bellsprout

This Pokemon looks a little funny it comes in yellow. Its hand looks like 2 green leaves. Its mouth looks like a round-shaped hole. The body is a thin brown root and the roots of this Pokemon are the legs.

Bellsprout pokemon drawing

20. Litwick

Litwick completely looks like a candle-type Pokemon. Also, it has only one eye and a red mouth, on the head you can see a little fire burning like a candle.

Very easy Pokemon to draw for beginners and you need white, purple, and yellow colors. Litwick evolves into Lampent at level 41 and then evolves into Chandelure.

draw pokemon pictures for beginners

21. Unown

It’s a little key-type Pokemon that has one eye and you didn’t see this Pokemon many times because it’s a rare Pokemon and not easy to find. If you converse a key the front side of the key will be a leg of this Pokemon. It comes in black color.

unown pokemon sketch

22. Sudowoodo

It is a fighter Pokemon that looks like a straight tree. Three bushes in its two hands. Sudowoodo Pokemon easy drawing step by step a beginner can draw.

Sudowoodo evolved from a baby form of Sudowoodo.

sudowoodo pokemon drawng

23. Porygon

You have to draw porygon Pokemon step by step because it looks like stone-shaped bird Pokemon. It looks pink and sky green color. It is basically based on 3D animation.

It looks little duck or you can say a bird.

porygon pokemon drawing

24. Swalot

A funny ghost-type Pokemon it has a thin little yellow color mustache and the whole body color is purple. Bit funny type pokemon and Swalot is a perfect choice for beginners to draw wasy Pokemon, you can start drawing from its head.

swalot pokemon drawing

25. Togepi

As you can see in this video the drawing was started from the eyes and then you can draw the other part as well. A little egg-shaped Pokemon who loves to sing and the Pokemon has little hands & little legs.

A perfect choice for beginners for easy Pokemon to draw and kids can also draw this Pokemon.

26. Phanpy

Phanpy is light blue with red pads on the ears. It exactly looks like a little elephant. Phanpy evolves into Donphan when it reaches level 25.

phanpy pokemon drawing step by step

27. Victini

Victini pokemon sketch

Victini is a mixture of cat and rabbit. The Pokemon looks smart and has blue eyes and a smiley face, Legends claim that trainers who possess a Victini fight very hard and never lose early.

You can draw this Pokemon easily step by step. You need to start from its horn. It is the only Pokémon that can learn the move of V-create & Searing Shot.

28. Klink

easy pokemon to draw for beginners
Easy Pokemon to draw for beginners

Klink is a duo-type Pokemon and it looks like a gear icon-like setting. It’s a technical type Pokemon one round eye and another cross sign.

At level 38 Klink evolves into Klang. After that in level 49, it evolved into Klinklang.

Final Words

I hope you learned and see how to draw easy Pokemon pictures step by step as beginners.

It was the top easiest 28 easy Pokemon to draw. Our team personally researched and selected these 28 Pokemon drawings.

Hope you like this blog post and will come again. Also if you need any kind of help or questions you can contact us by going to the contact page. of our site.